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Welcome to Lands of Darien

Your One-Stop for
TA: Kingdoms Resources

Lands of Darien has all the necessary tools to play TA: Kingdoms, including links, downloads, and the most up-to-date projects.

TA Kingdoms - Berserker

TA: Kingdoms Database

Analyze Precise Stats and Fine-tune Your Strategy

Our database provides you with precise stats on every unit and structure to help optimize your game.

TA Kingdoms - Garacaius
TA Kingdoms - Mage Archer
TA Kingdoms - Sky Knight

Discord Community

Stay Updated
with the Latest
TA: Kingdoms News

We keep you up-to-date with exclusives, including
new releases, patches, and tournaments.

TA: Kingdoms Maps Collection

Explore our extensive collection, including scripts, fan artwork, and terrains from the Book of Darien and Iron Plague campaigns.

TA Kingdoms - Map Collection
TA Kingdoms - Swamp Battle

Multiplayer Gaming

Play Your Friends Online

First time users: go to, Edit > Options > Games > Locate TA: Kingdoms >  Browse > Kingdoms.exe. 

TA Kingdoms - Crusader
TA Kingdoms - Priest of Lihr

Access our in-depth guide to improve your game's performance.

TA Kingdoms - Acolyte

Adds new features and bugfixes to improve your TA:K experience.

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